Today was spent pretty great in my opinion.. I went to Bondi Juction Westfields and i havent been in a long long time and lots of shops had sales on and honestly it shocked me so much because the sale stock was actually amazing which is a first for me. I actually dont shop at Glue but today i went in briefly and i found some amazing stuff. I found this dress that was $57 from $70 and it was the last one there, bummer because i wanted a smaller size and when i went to pay for it, the worker said it was actually $35 and it was such a good feeling i literally had the biggest ugliest smile on my face for the next 20 minutes haha! I also tried on this Stussy shirt, these  amazing shorts from Somedays Lovin and this little Wrangler white dress. I loved the white dress so incredibly much... but it was an extremely sheer material so i left it behind which really broke my heart ): Afterwards we drove to Bondi Beach and although it was a very cloudy and gloomy day but it was a beautiful place to sit and relax at. We then went to this restaurant nearby to have all you can eat sushi and other jap food for dinner :)
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVzwkn_ilwA -Also listen/watch this video! I don't mind Royals but haha i love this xx

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