Surry Hills Markets

It was my first time at surry hills markets! After many times that ive planned to go but couldnt have because something came up... i was very excited to go finally. And well i do say that the whole area and the amount of stalls is small compared to Glebe or Rozelle markets but it without a doubt sells the best things, although for a more expensive price. The clothes that are sold there are probably 100% vintage, they sell would sell vintage Chanel bomber jackets for $400 where as in Glebe they sell similar bomber jackets for $40!Afterwards we walked around nearby and had lunch at Mad Spuds Cafe, i ordered the nachos with the spuds potato and holy crap it tasted soooo good (definitely best nachos in my life). When i was trying on some rings at this pretty cool stall, i couldn't get a ring off and when i tried twisting it off i probably pulled on the ornament on the ring too much and i kinda broke it haha i am actually very bad when it comes to these things ive kinda broke too many things in shops woooops. It was a great day and whereas normally i would mainly buy clothes i did not this time. I couldnt take a picture of what i bought but i got:
-2 cute rings for $15 together
-a leather tassle bag for $55 that was bargained from $70
-a dress for $50
-boooooks (1984 by George Orwell, The Hunchback of notre-dame by Victor Hugo, Persuasion by Jane Austen) for $7-8 each
-some christmas presents

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