During the end of term three school holidays (September to early October) my family and i took the car to southern australia. We visited places such as Melbourne where ive been a few times before but the last time would be maybe 3-4 years ago and i do not remember much! now i am older and thus will definitely do some shopping and of course take memory lasting photos! We drove for 12 hours down to Melbourne (some pit stops along the way of course) to rest and spend the night there.

 Next day we left and drove to somewhere in Victoria visiting the Grampian National Park, bush walking along many tracks for about 6 hours for 10km! Basically trekked from the ground to the top of mountains! On the very last track i twisted my ankle and it swelled up very quickly! ):
On the next day we drove to Adelaide city. 

The rest of the holiday was at Kangaroo Island and it was such a beautiful place full of amazing sights! Including too many beaches, lagoons, lighthouses, cliffs, lakes, large strange rock formations, rockpools, beach sunsets and watching seals.


  1. such a photogenic spot!

    on my bucket list now :)

    - N xx

  2. Its like many many different places in South Aus!!! some of the stuff is pretty beautiful!