my weekend - 31/8/13 & 1/9/13

Today I accompanied my parents to the Flemington Markets, I didnt have much time to get ready and so i rushed out of the door, i wasn't able to put on any jewellery or anything ): I went to just get out of the house to get some fresh air and because a few previous times, i have found many nice clothing items at these markets. My parents went to the food market while i went alone to the other side. I am starting this thing where, i only buy things that i love alot not, just anything. And so today i bought nothing which was a shame. From going to markets such as Glebe and Rozelle, and going back to here, Flemington was a complete dud in comparison.

Afterwards i went home and was in the mood to make some very quick and easy puff pastries. There were two fillings: cream cheese and mixed berries & nutella and mixed berries. I wasn't able to get any full body shots today as my brother (who normally takes my photos) wanted to stay home.
 Today i didn't do much except go to a little mixed cuisine restaurant to have a quick lunch. I wore the same outfit as yesterday except some jewellery, in which i believe contributes a fair amount to an outfit! I had the T-bone steak with some salad, glorious wedges and black pepper sauce. After lunch, i went home and the rest of the day was a full on english study sesh!

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