Purchases of the day! :)
Went to Newtown with Miela today. I just wanted to go out at least once shopping before i go on holiday. I am going down south to many cities, including places of Melbourne, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Phillip Island and i forgot the rest. I am hoping to do some shopping in Melbourne, but i know that shopping may not be my family's number one priority whilst on holiday but i am hoping for the best! 

Last time i went to Newtown i spent the morning of the day at Glebe markets and then spent the rest of the day at my surprise birthday lunch! Thus i wanted to go shopping in Newtown. I bought items from a Ziggy Denim pop up shop where everything was $20 and it was 3 for $50. so i saved about 80% on my purchase which i am still astounded by!

 I also visited Clear It which is the like a factory outlet of one of my favourite shops, Dangerfield. I was dependant on the full priced items of Dangerfield but luckily Miela saved me, it was after much much money spent but better late than never!!! I used to get socks there for example for $15 now i can go to Clear It and they would be only $2!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy i knowww right. 

After going in and out many stores, we were starving for lunch. We did not know where to eat but i wanted to try Cafe 2042! We decided to share two dishes, fluffy pancakes with lemon curd vanilla bean icecream and strawberries and a lemon roasted chicken fennel mint orange and parsely salad! The pancakes, were the best pancakes in the world!!! 

The whole day was full on from the start to finish but it was a great day consisting of some serious shopping , great food and a few sweet compliments from strangers!

Faleste: a form of capital punishment inflicted upon a malefactor by laying him bound upon the beach sands until high tide carries him away

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