I woke up late and made some breakfast. I am quite new to oatmeal and i like to try and add new ingredients every time i make it. Today i made it normally but added heaps of berries and many tablespoons of sugar and it tasted amazing!

I then went out with my family to a large picnic my parents' friends. I mainly snacked on heaps of strawberries while sitting on grass in the sun at a football field. It was great weather that was sunny, cool and breezy.  I found it extremely relaxing and pampering.

Afterwards I left home at about 3pm to go to Fox Studios for the X Factor Live shows.  The show started at 6.30pm, live, and we had to get to the studio by 5. We got to the studio late and the studio had full capacity already and were told to come next week. But we stayed and argued with the crew to get in and after a while they let us in.

In the night's outfit i tried to wear lots of black, but its second nature for me to wear at least one thing patterned and so i wore this crazy bomber jacket that i found at glebe markets, i was almost going to leave it behind as it was $40 as a second hand item but as i walked off to think about it i was already regretting it so i had to run back and buy it! I wore these sandals for some extra height just incase i needed it, if i was standing and couldn't see the stage (which would be bad for the people behind me lolzaa) and ofcourse i would never pass up any opportunity not to wear colourful patterned socks with anything and everything!

Dietrologia: the art of finding dark, ulterior motives behind the most obvious decisions

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