Today i went out with a few friends. I had a very sweet lunch, we shared a choc cookie vanilla icecream sandwich with some choc drizzle and strawberry, and a chocolate fondue with strawberries, banana slices, marshmellows and waffle pieces to dip! (amazeballllls). It was hot as hell (its only the start of spring as well!) so we then rushed to the movie cinema to make it in time to watch Now You See Me. It was a great movie but i found it very fast paced and at times, difficult to understand. I couldn't believe how hot Jesse Eisenburg was in the movie (with that new hairdo). Very strange movie but i enjoyed it! So many twists though.

It was an extremely hot day today but luckily we spent most of the time indoors (the cinemas was airconed woopwoop). I got home and made my favourite mixed berry smoothie with a little banana topping.


Woke up very late today and got changed to go out for lunch with my family. We just went to a typical Vietnamese restaurant, only this restaurant based the majority of it's dishes with its famous crispy skin chicken. It was an extremely grey day, and also was quite breezy, cool and almost cold. Which was a complete opposite from the day before's weather of 33 degrees. I thought it was a great contrast with what i was wearing today (my current favourite blouse from surry hills), as, if ever a day is very gloomy or boring, i aim to dress in a very fun manner which always puts me in a good mood :)

Afterwards, we just walked around the town abit, taking photos while my parents went grocery shopping! When i got home i did some maths and had a large bowl of cereal for dinner while watching X-Factor! (i love you Jiordan!!!!! xxxx)

Deipnophobia: The fear of a dinner conversation

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