Vintage shopping + Pizza = Best Combo

 This would really be my first time ever going vintage clothing shopping in Sydney, after visiting Bricklane in London, i was wondering how come Sydney does not have all these AMAZING vintage shops??? And i guess i haven't looked hard enough, my friend took me for the first time ever to this street near the city with a couple of vintage shops and i loved it! The shops are like Vinnies, but more expensive but have much much better stuff! And we also visited Estate of Mind and American Apparel for the first time ever as well!!!! I was quite amazed as well with the many other people shopping around the street, i just loved and adored (not too creepily i hope) so many people's outfits uhh i went mad! After rummaging through racks of amazing clothes, my friend showed me some little pastry cafe that i forgot the name of and it was quite nice and afterwards we stopped at a restaurant and shared a rocket and balsamic vinegar dressing salad and possibly the best pizza ive ever had! So basically, I went out to vintage shop and bought my money's worth!

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  1. You should head to C's flashback, their bottom level is filled with vintage jackets.

    1. Thanks! I had a little look in there when i went! So many jackets and coats i died! I dont know if i can recall well but arent the prices there about $80 a piece? I actually went to Rozelle Markets for the first time a few weeks ago and i found coats for only $10! xxx