Bundle of joy

Today: 23rd july is my birthday :D. This year would probably be one of the best birthdays everr. School was fun ish today and well this year ive recieved more presents than usual which is amazing!!! My cousin bought me some black heeled sandals and a quartz necklace (i picked out them both) so obviously i do love them!! My dearest friends have gotten me a variety of gifts that i am amazed at! included a few graphic/printed tshirts from one of my favourite shops, Dangerfield, braclet, nail polish, hand chain, lollies, chocolate and a very aw
esome notebook in which the cover is Levis Jeans and my friend labelled it as a DIY gift (distress it yourself) which would be super cool for a notebook cover.  My group have all chipped in to get me my second pair of doc martens (YAYAY) that it coming sooon!

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