First day of school holidays, and im already shopping

I just love love shopping and over a month ago (yeah sorry, these posts are extremely delayed, only because of all the posts from my trip to Europe! sorrry!) i visited a large Westfield and i bought some little items including polka dot colourful socks to aid the gradual growth of my colourful sock collection. 
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Maybe a month ago, I went iceskating with a few friends because i love love love iceskating so much! It is so fun and thrilling speed skating many laps around the ice rink!
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Bundle of joy

Today: 23rd july is my birthday :D. This year would probably be one of the best birthdays everr. School was fun ish today and well this year ive recieved more presents than usual which is amazing!!! My cousin bought me some black heeled sandals and a quartz necklace (i picked out them both) so obviously i do love them!! My dearest friends have gotten me a variety of gifts that i am amazed at! included a few graphic/printed tshirts from one of my favourite shops, Dangerfield, braclet, nail polish, hand chain, lollies, chocolate and a very aw
esome notebook in which the cover is Levis Jeans and my friend labelled it as a DIY gift (distress it yourself) which would be super cool for a notebook cover.  My group have all chipped in to get me my second pair of doc martens (YAYAY) that it coming sooon!


Gearing for the winter storm

I made this post a few weeks ago, during the first few weeks of winter, after being scared for like from only enduring the spring time of Europe, in which i already found it impossibly cold, and i expected the worst for Australia's winter. In Europe, as much as i wanted to dress well for my first and possibly last trip to Europe, it was not too possible with temperatures reaching 9 degrees C. I resorted to just jeans with 5 shirts, jumpers, jackets and of course an ugly black parka on top. It was the middle of winter 5 days ago, and it seems to be warming up drastically! If Australia's winter was even as close to being cold as Europe's spring i would move to Thailand foreverrrr
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