Back from Europe!

Hi! Well I'm back in sweet Australia, landed this morning, I am so incredibly exhausted and utterly nervous about catching up on a month's worth of school that i missed in addition to revising and learning new topics for my exams soon uh. The trip was amazing, I think that London was my favorite city, just how nice everyone is there, the shops (Oxford Circus/Street, WOW!) and also the plentiful small cute boutiques kinda shops full of unique clothes, books, magazines etc. It is amazing. Not to mention the restaurants and cafes over there! Everything is just set out too well and so modern and marvelous! And the street style there... like wow, i find that many people in London wear those cotton white tote bags a lot, they wear coats and Doc Martens heaps as well! It has very much inspired and influenced me. I wish some of the cities like London, cities of Switzerland and Amsterdam were even just 5 degrees warmer it would have seen my boring black parka away! But everywhere else such as Paris, Berlin, Prague, Rome greeted me with sunny warm (enough) weather to wear what i wanted! I have taken possibly 5000+ photos but i have only kept about 2000. It a big mess. I'll need to sort everything out but to see some photos of my trip. Check out my tumblr and instagram! Heres a little note of what when and where it happened!
4/4: I flew to Dubai for a couple of hours to change planes to Rome where i took a fast train to Florence then to Pisa then to Lucca then to amazing Venice then to Milan.
11/4: Where I took the thousandth train to Lugano, Switzerland then i travelled to Luzern of the same country then to Bern, Interlaken, Montreux.
15/4: From Switzerland i took a plane to Berlin for a day where i took a train to Prague, Czech Republic.
18/4: From Prague i flew to Amsterdam
21/4: From Amsterdam i took a train to Paris for 4 nights
26/4: From Paris i took the Eurostar train across the English Channel to London
1/5 :I flew from London to Dubai
3/5: I flew from Dubai to Bangkok.
4/5: I arrived back home in Australia

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