Bye guys!

Ok, I'm leaving for my trip overseas in 30 minutes (from my house to the airport lols) and then my flight is 10pm AEST time tonight! I will be a 15 hour flight to Dubai where i am stopping for 4 hours and then boarding another flight of 6 hours to Rome, Italy! Its my first time going to Europe! Ive been all over Asia and U.S but never Europe! I hope the cold will go away but! I am so not accustomed to 5 degree weather!
Not too sure if ill have internet access to update the blog! but i'll try! xoxoxoxoxox


Life photos

Random photos from the past couple of weeks.
1&2. Now adays i find myself craving and consuming a large and i do mean LARGE bowl of fruit salad. I eat usually 3-4 types of fruit a night. I have been enjoying grapes, apples, necterines, apricots, kiwis, papayas, rockmelon etc haha.
3. Today i had a one last shopping trip to make sure i have everything i need for europe. I seem to bear only rings from 5 years ago so i wanted fresh new ones! these are not classified as needs but i had to get them! For the simplicity of these items i do not understand the $5 each price that comes with them? I mean like seriously. And also at the counter the lady urged me to get a shine and clean wiper thing to prevent them from tarnishing easily? oh wells.
4. Quick and awfully plain outfit in my books for todays trip
5. I was searching through Target for a plain beanie and i failed. But i found this black cool pleather jacket? I really desire a lapel leather vest and jacket right now but the one that Bardot has is breathtaking! Its a black pleather bomber  jacket with 3D roses all over it! Its like an intricate carving done by god. But i think its over $150(?) so hmm maybe not.
6. A fail panarama all my messing during the process of packing for EUROPE! WOOP WOOP
7.On the car ride to the Thai restaurant by the beach i had To Kill A Mockingbird to prevent boredom
8.Walking to my Grandmas house and carrying my dog (Meet my Chihuahua, Sushi)
9.My horribly made non oven bake oreo cheesecakes
10.Process of dyeing my hair 4 weeks ago! wow its been month and the colour has not faded by much!
11.My first self purchased perfume! And not an expensive one at that. Uh the Harajuku lovers were on the top shelf (reallllllly high up) luckily i wore my 5cm heeled boots!

** ok, when i made this post the captions were in order, and then i previewed it and it was all mixed up so i spent 30 strenuous minutes trying to sort things out (much more difficult than you believe) and now i posted it and the photos jumbled up again... ok i give up**  

on a brighter note:  THREE MORE DAYS UNTIL MY TRIP TO EUROPE! (including a couple of days at dubai)