Dressed for winter in Autumn

Hey guys! These photos were taken on the 2nd of March, i woke up late and my mum urged me to come on a family outing to eat out for lunch and just walk around i guess. We had Yum Cha and it was so yummy haha. This was just a quick outfit i ran out of the door with. My Mum when she saw me told me off for dressing like its snowing etc. and when we got there it was raining and was cold and windy. Yeah, i needed my coat haha. I feel like i can not wear jeans, i just dont know  what to wear them with, i did not want to wear leggings today so i wore my jeans and i guess they dont look bad? I bought them 4 years ago. and i finally wore them again and they still fit but is not as high waisted as i remembered. Anyways i dyed my hair again and it turned out fine! the top is a darkblue and the bottom is a bright green. 

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