Thai on the beach

Outfit to the beach and Thai restaurant for dinner. Lately i have been making possible outfit lists and lists of wants/needs in general and of course to bring to Europe to face the cold (to me) spring weather I am not even accustomed to (5 to 20 degrees depending on the country in Europe). I have been watching many winter related you tube videos on how to basically keep warm without looking bleh. Clothes Encounters has aided me haha.


street art + rihanna

poly black

hi guys! so basically its 8:30am in Rome, Italy. Ive just woke up and it is my 3rd day here! This afternoon i will be taking 1 1/2 hour train ride to Florence. Hope all is well! You can check out photos and short videos from my new account Keek from Rome on my Instagram: @annahuynhh and Keek: @annahuynhh



Countdown to Europe trip: 11 days to go

As i do not believe i have mentioned my coming trip to lovely Europe yet, i thought a column of mesmerizing pictures of the many places in Europe i would like to see would be suited on this blog. Although my mother and father are generally planning this trip (I get to decided where i go shopping in London, my mother has allowed me one whole day to do so), i probably would not be able to see with my own eyes most of these beautiful places. I thought going onto Europe themed tumblrs (not my photos, i believe these are from allthingseurope) and saving truly spectacular picturesque photos would really make my head spin on the thought of me going to Europe. I will be leaving in less than 2 weeks. Wow, still seems like 6 months away. I am currently convincing my mum against practicality in regards of clothing (She wants me to bring sport shoes only). Yesterday i had spent a long and stressful 5 hours looking for the clothes i do not have that i need for this trip. I have lived in Australia all of my life, excluding previous frequent overseas traveling, and hence have not been accustomed to the cold. Although the shops in Europe would be generally more expensive, i believe department stores such as Topshop (in which originated in the UK) would be generally cheaper than the one Topshop i have here. I am also excited for other stores Australia does not have: Urban Outfitters.