inspo 3

Ive really been liking true blue denim dungarees to purchase, of course the whole 'metallic, silver, oil spill pattern effect', that kind of shoulder length, messy ruffled hair which i obviously cant pull off because you would need to have kind of thin hair to tease in which i have seriously thick, puffy, volumous hair which i dont prefer. im quite into graphic clothing (dresses, shirts) of course the traditional American apparel riding pants that i still havent gotten my hands on im hoping to purchase black ones or a silver, pearl colour.  Also really crystallized fashion items

An update on my life is that i started school, im getting used different teachers, classmates, subjects, timetables. Yesterday i got braces even though my teeth are not that crooked... they hurt so much i cant even bite/chew really soft bread omg. it sucks, now i realised that i would be missing out on a few school events when i go to europe in april! I think this year will be my year... not to sound self centred but i am extremely proud of last year but i hope i can improve in some subjects especially english. 

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