Glass reflection

 Today the 17th of Feb was a very chill day, it started when i wanted to sleep in because it is a Sunday but my silly but cute father, somehow mistakenly thiought it was Monday a school day, barged into my room at 7am and yeah, i had an early morning had my 3rd very unhealthy banana bread dripped in Nutella and setted off to my local basketball stadium to do some training with my brother while my parents played badminton. We first stopped at the sunday markets and my mother finally took me to buy some cute succulents which were so cheap! 3 plants for $5 aud. wow! and then i went home, studied a bit then set off to the supermarket, mainly to guide my mother for purchasing the ingredients for my school lunch for the next 5 days. I went around a little and bought my first perfume bottle! the Harajuku Lovers brand was at the very top shelf... even with my 5 cm boots on i struggled to reach it on my tiptoes! So i purchased 3 succulent plants, a Harajuku Lover Baby perfume, the latest Russh magazine and a bottle of dark blue hair dye.

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