Chinese New Year Day Festival

 oh my god.. i love this dress so much i cant even! i love the whole tshirt dress thing but i wished it was smaller at the waist! i instantly thought of larrie from http://www.hilarrieous.com/ when i saw this! i mean she is my idol! every since i saw her clip on general pants i was like shit.. this girl is a goddess!!!
Pho is a traditional vietnamese dish, it is noodle soup, And this one was heavenly!

Wow! I cant believe people actually carved these sculptures from fruit!!!! 0_0

Also, since i didnt wear a hat the whole day yesterday while at the pool and occasionally wore my sunglasses my face last night puffed up very red and i kept like a damp cloth on my face while i slept and i woke up with a normal face and a very swollen and red eye bag.... omg. i have learnt my lesson!!

Oh wow, yesterday the 9th of feb was so exhausting but fun, i was suppose to go to the festvial to help out at some stalls because my aunties ran 5 of them but i couldnt be bothered/help wasnt needed? the festival was kind of small and occupied a street so i just went around took pictures of stuff and sneaked to the shopping centre close by myself because none of my friends were free uh. i gots some black basic thin shorts for pjs, a crop top and a plain black t shirt i went to the close by thrift shop and i wasnt in the mood to hunt so i just skimmed through the racks and found a mdeium sized dark wash denim jacket, ive already got two but 1. oversized and i studded the shoulders 2. i made into a vest and studded the back.
i went into this small clothing boutique and i found this amazing dress! and the guy running the shop was so cute  omg and i dont have any dresses so i thought i should get it! it was red and yellow and suited the occasion i was wearing last night. i also got henna becuase it looked so beautiful and i didnt know where else to get it done!

i'll do another post on last night when i went out to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family!!

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