Hell is other people

I went to the same westfield again, two weeks after i went last time. I was going to go with my 2 friends but at last minute they were both busy s i got my mum to take my brother and I. we got there at around 9:30am and the shops were all closed so we decided to get Maccas for Breakfast at the food court and next to it was a Lana Del Rey Poster and being her girlfriend i took some photos with her! haha people were looking like who is that weird girl... I went to my favourite store: General Pants Co. first thing and spent 1 hr 30 min there... that always happen... last time i went some of the workers started to talk to me?? it was strange but pretty cool (: one of them was this blogger that used to follow until she deleted her blog she was working this time as well!! Haha she was quite nice and cool. The white Wrangler button down, is wrangler and it was close to perfection- raw low arm holes, embroidered collar and it was damn soft. the red dress was so baddass haha the prints on it reminded me of tattoos on an arm and the leather pinafore was glorious although the straps criss cross at the back so i spent a good 10 minutes trying to get into it, it wasnt on sale like everything else so i chose to wait. I got a Dont Ask Amanda printed bomber jacket from GP, a Black tank from Myers and the Docs i bought from Platypus at DFO.

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